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Diabetic Products

How to Order?

Insulin is shipped with refrigerated insulated packaging via Canada post express to ensure high-quality insulin. Ships anywhere in the USA..

Diabetic Products

Diabetes is a condition that requires lifelong management. With the right products, it’s possible to effectively monitor and manage blood glucose levels. Those with diabetes can find their supplies at our online Canadian pharmacy.

Diabetic Lancing Devices collect the drop of blood needed with a lancet alongside the test strips and glucometers. These devices are designed to be as painless as possible.

Diabetic Test Strips are vital products used to monitor and control diabetes. These thin strips of plastic require only a small drop of blood to measure blood glucose levels.

Diabetic Lancets are used to collect the drop of blood needed for the test strips. These needles are designed to be single-use to minimize the risk of infection.

Blood Glucose Meters are used to measure the amount of glucose present in the blood. This device requires a drop of blood from a lancet to measure blood glucose levels.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems like continuous glucose monitoring systems are worn externally and measure glucose levels throughout the day.
Glucometers are handheld devices used to measure blood glucose levels. They require a drop of blood to measure blood glucose levels.

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