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FreeStyle Precision Neo Meter & Ketone Monitor

Product Details
Product Details
The FreeStyle Precision Neo Meter and Ketone Monitor is a blood sugar and ketone monitoring system designed to help guide you in the management of your diabetes. It has an ultra-lightweight design with a large, high-contrast display that is easy to use and read. Blood sugar test results come in five seconds, and your logbook stores up to 1000 tests. The FreeStyle Precision Neo blood glucose monitoring system kit comes with a blood glucose meter, a carrying case, a lancing device, 10 lancets, and an owner’s setup guide. This glucometer is compatible with FreeStyle Precision Neo test strips which do not need coding, come individually wrapped, and require a small 0.6 µL sample size. The new FreeStyle Lancing Device II comes with Comfort Zone Technology that is proven to reduce lancing pain.

How to Use This Glucometer?

The FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Monitor is used to measure fresh, whole blood samples taken from the forearm, upper arm, the base of the thumb, or from the fingers. For measuring ketones, the blood samples are to be taken from the fingers only.

To perform a blood glucose or blood ketone test, first, open a test strip and insert it into the glucometer. The blood drop will then appear on the screen, indicating that the meter is ready for you to apply a sample to the strip. To obtain a blood sample, use the lancing device, and bring the blood drop to the white area at the end of the test strip until the blood is drawn into the test strip. Hold the blood to the test strip until three lines appear on the screen. For a glucose test, you will see a five-second countdown, and for a ketone test, there is a ten-second countdown.


The FreeStyle Precision Neo Glucose Meter is a system for monitoring blood glucose levels that also has the capability of functioning as a ketone monitor. The following is a list of some of the advantages of utilizing this meter:

Readings That are Accurate: It has been demonstrated that the FreeStyle Precision Neo Glucose Meter provides accurate readings of blood glucose and ketones, which can be beneficial in the management of diabetes and other health disorders.

The display on the meter is wide and straightforward to see, making it extremely user-friendly. Moreover, the instructions are clear and concise.

Numerous Testing Locations: The Freestyle Precision Neo Glucose Meter is capable of measuring blood glucose and ketone levels from a variety of locations, including the fingertip, the forearm, and the palm. Other possible testing locations include.

Being both tiny and portable, the meter is extremely convenient to take along with you wherever you go because it is so easy to transport.

Data storage: The meter’s memory can save up to 1,000 readings, enabling you to monitor both your blood glucose and ketone levels over the course of time.

Connectivity: Certain versions of the Freestyle Precision Neo Glucose Meter come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This gives you the ability to synchronize your data with a mobile app or other electronic devices.

The FreeStyle Precision Neo Meter & Ketone Monitor is, all things considered, a useful device that is both flexible and simple to operate, and it can be of assistance in the management of diabetes as well as the tracking of ketone levels.


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